22may7:00 pmBreaking Sound featuring JEJ Vinson, Kadeyjah, Jackii Kennedy & Drea Rose

23may8:00 pm$K & Bret James at The Peppermint Club

25may8:00 pmBreaking Sounds presents TweezDaSwaggyGod, A.M.M.O (Always Mindin My Own), Stico, Luckson

29may9:00 pmA Mighty Lamb Production Presents: VOUS

30may8:00 pmChristine Noel, Aaron Encinas, Izzi Ray, Novul at The Peppermint club

31may10:00 pmThese Things Take Time presents Work The Box with B. Hayes, Gus Dapperton, and Chela


1jun7:00 pmBreaking Sound featuring Mulherin ROZEN, Kyan Palmer, & Goldwash

5jun9:00 pmNEXT CItY, Evol Walks, Zoe Zobrist at the Peppermint Club

7jun9:00 pmGirl Pride Friday

8jun7:00 pmHolmes, Adrian Gamboa, Anna Dellaria, Illy & the SpellsBreaking Sound w/ Holmes, Adrian Gamboa, Anna Dellaria

13jun10:00 pmDAVIE at The Peppermint Club

14jun8:00 pmBreaking Sound presents Bud Adler and King Leg

14jun10:00 pmJane Q Public

15jun8:00 pmSANLUIS | De cerca Tour

19jun7:00 pmA Mighty Lamb Production Presents: VIBRAS LATINAS ft. Alih Jey, LEYO ft. special guest Helen Ochoa, Official Restrepo, MishCatt

20jun8:00 pmEmily Chambers, Matthew Grant, MJ Ultra, Jacob Luttrell at The Peppermint Club

22jun7:00 pmBreaking Sound w/ MINY, Rivkah Hope, Jacob and Fanny, Sam Creighton

28jun8:00 pmRees Finley and Ren Farren at The Peppermint Club


8aug8:00 pmHybrid Citizen at The Peppermint ClubHybrid Citizen at The Peppermint Club