20mar7:00 pmGeorge Lovett at The Peppermint Club

20mar10:00 pmLive At The Peppermint Club

21mar8:00 pmModern Eyes, Niki Black, Alexa Villa, Stop Motion Poetry, Holy Boy.

22mar7:30 pmKid Giant, Aloud, Caroline Ashkar

23mar7:00 pmBREAKING SOUND FEATURING X. ARI ft.IRA X, Fox Wilde, 79, Little Dume

27mar8:00 pmTaylor Grey, Quinten Hatchett, DANPAUL at The Peppermint Club

28mar8:00 pmChris Mann, Alisan Porter, BELLSAINT at The Peppermint Club

28mar10:30 pmPinky, JoelAtTheDisco, Gu3ro at The Peppermint Club

29mar8:00 pmAfrolicious with PJ Moon & The Swappers at the Peppermint Club

29mar10:30 pmUNPLUGD LA featuring Taliwhoah, Romell, Nava Morris, Miss Cooki, Alex Simone

30mar7:00 pmBreaking Sound featuring KiSMiT, The Dumes, Beldina, Zen Thomas

30mar10:30 pmWork The Box at The Peppermint Club.


3apr7:00 pmKatori Walker at The Peppermint Club

3apr10:00 pmHeadliners at The Peppermint Club

4apr8:00 pmSTANAJ at The Peppermint Club

5apr8:00 pmKezar, Olivia Ruff, ØHENRY at The Peppermint Club

6apr7:00 pmBreaking Sound featuring Tatiana DeMaria, WALLACE, SWAYDAY


11apr8:00 pmDoll Face Presents: Yeti Tactics, MAXI x NVDN, Tully & Mei, HEЯITAGE

12apr8:00 pmAnonymuz with Sylvan LaCue at The Peppermint Club

13apr7:00 pmBreaking Sound featuring JORDY, Steven Russell Harts

18apr8:00 pmRose Colored World and Saving Forever

25apr8:00 pmBlac Rabbit, EASY, The Filthy Souls at The Peppermint Club